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Equestria is under siege by a mysterious "alicorn" with a crystaline horn and the power to destroy cutie-marks!! You've been told its your destiny to stop the malicious Fatebreaker, but are you really up to the task?

(Recommended for Lv. 2 to Lv. 3 Players.)

The following information is for the Game-Master (GM) only!
The GM should read the entire adventure before running this adventure.


The players start a kind of outdoor fairegrounds! The players are called to by the unicorn fortune teller, Starquake. Starquake promises that she can see the "secret meaning" of thier cutie-marks (or, if the players are creatures and do not have cutie-marks, she can see their "secret destiny.") Starquake leads the players into a small tent at the faire, where she uses seemingly blank cards to magically predict that the players will stop a "great evil".

Starquake's fortune-telling session is interupted by Fatebreaker, an alicorn with a glowing crystal horn, who rips into the tent. Fatebreaker tells the players that Starquake's predictions are meaningless, and uses her horn to rip Starquake's cutie-mark in half, and then vanishes the distressed and pained Starquake in a puff of smoke. Fatebreaker laughs and announces the only thing that is bound to happen is that she will conquer and control Equestria.

Task 1: Escape the Faire

After taking Starquake, Fatebreaker will release two possessed ponies, Stormswirl and Dusty Trails, into the faireground tent with the players. (These ponies were previously walking around the faire. They have cutie-marks that have been cut in half.) Then, Fatebreaker vanishes herself. The posessed ponies wil attack the players mercilessly. Inside the tent, the blank cards have been left behind and one (or more) of the players can see a faint image on them.

The players can decide to fight the possessed ponies, and knock them out. The players can also try to restrain the possessed ponies, or escape the tent and then the faire. Outside the tent, the faire is now empty. If the players can escape the possessed ponies to the edge of the fairegrounds, they will stop chasing the players.

Once the possessed ponies are knocked out, restrained, or the players have escaped... the blank cards will reveal a faint image of a great mountain, a marked spot on the map of Equestria, and an upside-down sign that reads "The Upside Down Library."

Task 2: Enter the Upside Down Library

The map of Equestria present on the cards leads to the Brittlebone Mountain Peak- a great, snow-peaked mountain. At the bottom of the mountain, there is a small cabin. The pony who lives there, Snowshoe, usually offers to guide ponies up the mountain, but the pony is not at home when your players arrive. Outside the cabin, there are posted signs that say, "Reward: Missing Dog."

The players must climb the mountain themselves, protecting themself from the cold and falling rocks and slippery ice. If any of the party talks to loud, it might trigger a dangerous avalanche they'll need to outrun!!

At the top of the mountain, there is a large and grandoise stone archway and door. The stone door, however, is sealed shut with powerful magic. The players must discover the tunnel under the snow infront of the door, which brings them down like a slide, into the Upside-Down Library which hangs beneath the mountain cliff.

Task 3: Escape the Shuck

Immediatly upon falling into the Upside-Down Library, the players will be accosted by a great, shadowy and rampaging black dog. The giant dog will chase the players throughout the Library, barking and snapping, and will not give the players the opportunity to go futher into the Library or do any real research. (The dog might even destory some books!) The dog can be calmed, but only very breifly, with food or magic.

In a corner of the Library, there is a large and enchanted but broken bell-collar with the name "Shuck" inscribed on it. If the players call the black dog by it's name- Shuck- the dog will sit and become obidient. The Shuck can not leave the Library, unable to climb up the slippery tunnel away from its bound-collar. The players can help Shuck out of the Library, where his owner- Snowshoe- was looking for him.

Reunited with The Shuck, Snowshoe wil reward the players with the mystical key to the stone archway door. The players can now safely look around the library,too, and discover information about the Fatebreaker Crystal, a powerful dark magical artifact. The Fatebreaker Crystal has the power to destroy cutie-marks, and control fate... but requires anybody who uses it to have their own cutie-mark destroyed, and fate controlled by the Crystal itself! The only way to release somebody from the Crystal's power is to restore their cutie-mark.

The book mentions that the Fatebreaker Crystal, as well as "The Cards of Untold Destiny", where once kept safe inside the Labryinth of Brittlebone Mountains. The cards will now show the players the image of Starquake trapped inside the very same labryinth.

Task 4: Rescue Starquake

The stone door outside the Library leads to the Labryinth.

Task 5: Heal Fatebreaker




(Female Unicorn Pony)

Max Stamina: 12, Charm: d6, Mind: d8, Body: d4

Talents: Telekenesis (d8), Empathetic Insight (d8), Force-Field (d8), Soothe (d6)

Quirks: Forgetful, Naive, Spacy



(Female Pegasus Pony)

Max Stamina: 12, Charm: d4, Mind: d6, Body: d6

Talents: Fly (d8), Nimble (d6), Shock (d4)

Quirks: Commanded


Dusty Trails

(Male Earth Pony)

Max Stamina: 12, Charm: d4, Mind: d4, Body: d8

Talents: Stout Heart (d6), Magic Resistance (d8), Tremor-Sense: Earthen Ground (d4)

Quirks: Commanded


The Shuck


Max Stamina: 10, Charm: d4, Mind: d4, Body: d6

Talents: Insubstantial (d12), Phantom Force (d6), Telekinesis (d4)

Quirks: Animal, Phylactery


Stamp Swines

(Stamp Swines)

Max Stamina: ???, Charm: ????, Mind: ???, Body: ????

Talents: ????

Quirks: ????



(Female "Alicorn" Pony)

Max Stamina: 14, Charm: d6, Mind: d6, Body: d8

Talents: Fly (d8), Fatebreaker Crystal (d10), Teleport (d10), Telekinesis (d6), Force-Field (d6)

Quirks: Bossy, Short-Fuse, Mean



The Local Faire


Brittlebone Mountains


The Upside-Down Library


The Labryinth of Brittlebone Mountains