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Dilly-Dally Mode

Dilly-Dally Mode is a modification that allows players to role-play more casual, slice-of-life, or episodic adventures without a Game Master.

Dilly-Daly Mode uses a standard deck of playing cards (with no Jokers) to decide and/or suggest plot and event elements of the story. Players will work together to create a collaborative world and idea for their characters to traverse.

To begin, every player will roll a d20- re-rolling for any ties. The player with the highest roll will draw a card from the shuffled deck first. This first card will determine the major "conflict" or "excitement" to the current situation by looking at the list below and finding the prompt associated with the card. The prompt will relate to the character whose player drew the card, but the exact interpreation of the prompt can be suggested by all players.

Next, the remaining players will draw a card. The players can choose to play their card immediatly- influencing the situation from the get-go- or hold onto their card to use as a "twist" for later. Every twist must be played before another major card is drawn.

When a dice-roll is used that would normally be challenged by the GM's set difficulty score- the dice-roll is challenged instead by another dice-roll of the same dice value the player's dice. (Example: A character is using their Body Trait of "d6" to jump over a dangerous river! Another player will roll a d6 and the resulting value will be the difficulty score.) Any player can spend 1 Token of Friendship to reduce the difficulty roll dice 1x.

If there is an influential card in action that is the same suite of the major card, the difficulty dice will be upgraded 1x! (Example: The major card is a Heart, and another player has used a twist that is also a heart. Now, when the character is using their Body Trait of "d6" to jump over a dangerous river, another player will roll a d8 to decide the difficulty score!) The difficulty dice cannot be upgraded any further, even if every card in play is the same suite. Players can still spend Tokens of Friendship to downgrade the difficulty dice.

Deck Prompts

Spades (Differnet Knowledge)
A: A Dangerous / Hurtful Secret
K: Guilty Pleasure or Shameful Secret
Q: Hidden Talent
J: Hidden Weakness / Inexperience
10: Pet Peeve
9: Subject Character is Curious About
8: Subject Character is Uninterested In
7: Known Strength, In-Element
6: Known Weakness, Great Challenge
5: Morals/Beliefs/Values at Strongest
4: Morals/Beliefs/Values at Weakest
3: Reminder of Strengths
2: Reminder of Limitations

Hearts (Different Person)
A: Character's Romantic "Type"
K: Old Friend / Family, Get-Along Well
Q: Old Friend / Family, Uncomfortable Changes
J: Old Enemy, Malicious Intent
10: Old Enemy, Forgiving or Neutral Intent
9: New Friend, Fits-in Well
8: New Rival- Similar to Character, but Against Them
7: Traits the Character Finds "Annoying"
6: Traits the Character Can't Relate To
5: Traits the Character Relates To Strongly
4: New Character Needs Help / Protection
3: New Character is Not What they Seem
2: Hero, Inspiration, Iconic

Clubs (Differnet Environment)
A: Unfamiliar, Uncomfortable
K: Familiar, Comfortable
Q: Familiar, Uncomfortable
J: Unfamiliar, Comfortable
10: Somewhere they Always Wanted To Go, and it's awesome
9: Somewhere they always wanted to go, doesn't live up to expectations
8: A Place that's been Avoided
7: Luxurious
6: Harsh, Inhabitable
5: Mysterious, Inaccessible, Unexplored, Remote
4: Populated, Crowded, Known- with a secret/twist!
3: Populated, Crowded, Known- as expected.
2: Totally Bizarre / Alternate World

Diamonds (Different Situation)
A: Never-before-experienced great boon
K: Never-before-experienced great hindrance / challenge
Q: Familiar but Fleeting Boon
J: Familiar but Fleeting Challenge
10: Mild Inconvenience, Irritable
9: Extra Complication, Delicate Twist
8: Object of Great Value and Importance
7: Object That's Hard to Get Rid Of
6: Situation, Good, that Affects Entire World
5: Situation, Good, that Affects Only Character(s)
4: Situation, Bad, that Affects Entire World
3: Situation, Bad, That Affects only Character(s)
2: You Loose/Destroy an Important or Useful Object