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Team Talents

Team Talents are a special kind of talent, that a group of player-characters can learn, and then use, when they are all together! Team Talents are not listed on any individual player-character's sheets, as the individual player-character can not learn or use them. The Team Talent is known and used by the team!!

When multiple player-characters level up (complete an adventure) at the same time, they can cooperativly choose one Team Talent, with an associated d6 dice- or they can chose to advance the dice roll of one of their pre-existing Team Talents.

Player characters must all be together and able to hold/touch eachother's hooves (or equivalent) to use a Team Talent, and it will require at least one player character to spend a Token of Friendship. If multiple players spend a Token of Friendship, they can add a +1 modifier to the Team Talent's roll that usage for every additional Token spent. Team Talents can only be used once per adventure.

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List of Team-Talents

Alternate Form

The entire team changes into a different kind of species or version of themselves!

Choose one kind of alternate species or form to be associated with this Talent- this will not change between usage of this team talent! The entire team will gain the same new talent, with the same dice value as the "Alternate Form" dice, as well as gain either a 1x Mind, Charm, or Body trait upgrade for the duration of the transformation.

The new talent and trait upgrade is decided with the form itself, and does not change.

The transformation will last up to three hours.

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Your team unleashes a powerful magical attack! This attack does harm to every evil or ill-intended creature within 100 feet of your players, simultaneously, and is not resisted or dampened at all by any talent, trait, quirk, or object.

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Protect the Innocent

Together, your team casts a spell of protection against all innocent parties, bystanders, and structures in a 100 foot radius for three hours. Any non-player character, who is not evil or ill-intended, structure, or environment will resist any damage or effect that might've happened to it for the duration of the spell by the total amount rolled.

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