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Communal Chips

There are three different types of Chips, associated with the three traits of any character: Body, Mind, and Charm.

Whenever a player character fails a roll, they add a chip to the Communal Pile. The type of chip added is decided by a character's class. It doesn't matter what the trait or talent the roll was made for, all failed rolls would add the same type of chip to the Communal Pile.

Once there are chips in the Communal Pile, players can choose to spend chips to add to their roll of a Body, Mind, or Charm dice. Every chip is valued at one, and can be only used as their associated stat. (Example: There are 3 "Body" Chips and 2 "Mind" Chips in the communal pile. When a character rolls "Body", they can take the 3 Body Chips and use them as a bonus of "+3" to their body roll.) A player must decide to use chips before the actual trait roll is made, and not after-the-fact. Chips can only be used for Trait rolls, and can not be used to boost talent rolls or any other kind of dice roll.

The Game-Master can also use chips to add to the Body, Mind, and Charm rolls of NPC's and enemies, even directly against players!! You can let your chips build up for advantage, but if you wait too long it might be too late...

Once a player or Game-Master uses the chips on a roll, they are "spent" and removed from the pile permenantly. If a character uses chips, and still fails the roll, they do not add another chip to the Communal Pile.

Chips can also be spent to activate a class-specific Chip Bonus Ability. These abilities allow chips to be utilized in other ways, than just adding to trait rolls. Any character (or NPC) can use Chips for Trait bonuses, but only characters that have a Chip Bonus Ability can use Chips in those specific ways.

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List of Chip Abilities


You can spend 3 Body Chips to end the Poisoned, Dazed, Frantic, or Exaughsted statuses from yourself or your allies in touch-range immediately.

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Bog Witch...

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You can spend 1 Body Chip, 1 Mind Chip, and 1 Charm Chip to heal 1 Stamina for yourself or an ally in touch-range.

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You can spend 3 Charm Chips to add a +2 modifier to a single ally's roll in close range.

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