ROOT: Growth

Move: Use Magic


Pokemon! in Root!


A Pokemon character has three species abilities related to the biology and nature of their species.

Once per scene, a character can mark exhaustion to activate one of these abilities. The player does not need to roll for these effects to activate.


(Creation Guidelines)


After you are hit by electricity in this scene, Electric-Type Pokemon Moves you use always inflict 1 injury to a target, even on a 6- roll.


You take 1 less harm from a single on-coming attack at close or intimate range.


Any denizen that is currently touching you in this moment will take 1 injury harm.


A Pokemon character has one species instinct (in addition to their standard character nature)- this instinct is realated to the biology and behavior of thier species.

Once per session, you may clear exhaustion by indulging or engaging in the activity or behavior described in your instinct.


(Creation Guidelines)

ROLLIN' AROUND (Instinct for Togedemaru)

Once per session, clear exhaustion when you roll like a ball at high speed.


You can have up to two Pokemon types, which depends on your Pokemon species.

Your type(s) determine type match-ups when you are targeted by another Pokemon's Pokemon Move. (Your type doesn't change or affect the type of your Pokemon Moves.)

When you advance, you can choose to take the Advancement "Elemental Prowess" for a maximum of one of your types. You can not choose to take Elemental Prowress for a type you do not have.

Elemental Prowess (X-Type) allows you to attempt a Pokemon Move of the listed type without initially marking exhaustion.


Pokemon Characters automatically know the basic move, "Use a Trained Pokemon Move." As with Rougish Feats, this basic move calls upon specific training for specific types of specialized moves- however, unlike Rougish Feats, there can never be an attempt to use a Pokemon Species Move you are not trained in (not even as Trusting Fate.)

Pokemon Characters can be trained in four Pokemon Moves maximum. Pokemon Move Training can be swapped for different ones when a character advances.


Basic Move: Close Range

Mark Exhaustion. (Unless you have Elemental Prowress for this Move's Type)

Afterwards, roll 2d6, and add the specified Pokemon Move's stat modifier.

On a 10+... Move happens as intended, you'll choose 2 from the choices (A-F) below.

On a 7-9... Move happens as intended, you'll choose 1 from the choices (A-F) below.

A. Do not mark exhaustion for this one use of the move.

B. The target is impressed or dismayed: +1 Morale Harm, or +1 on-going to Charm against them in this scene. (Your Choice)

C. Avoid activating an unintended side-effect or risk (examples: drawing attention, loosing stealth advantage, damage to self, equipment, or environment, etc...)

D. The move's effect becomes Long Range.

E. The target ends up somewhere vulnerable, or where you want them to be.

F. Mark exhaustion again to activate one of these three: Inflict +1 Extra Harm, or +1 to Counterattack The Target, or the Move's effects last longer than normal. (Your Choice)

If the type match-up (your move's type versus the target's species' type) is favorable, Option "F" doesn't require you to mark additional exhaustion- but still must be chosen.

If the type match-up is unfavorable, you can not choose Option "F" at all.

On a 6-... Move happens weakly, and is ineffectual with intended use. Activate a risk or dangerous unintended side-effect (GM's Choice)


(Creation Guidelines)

THUNDERBOLT (+Might, Electric-Type)

Intent: You summon a guided lightning bolt from above to inflict harm or destruction on a specific target.

Risks: ...

IRON TAIL (+Might, Steel-Type)

Intent: You lashes out a toughened appendage to inflict harm or destruction.

Risks: ...

SPIKEY SHIELD (+Might, Grass-Type)

Intent: You cover yourself with spikes in anticipation of attack. You take 1 less harm from the next attack at close or intimate range in a scene, and the opponent will take 1 additional, automatic harm.

Risks: ...

NUZZLE (+Charm, Electric-Type)

Intent: You surprise and shock an opponent with a jostle of electricity. A target opponent you touch is temporarily unable to move quickly, or inflict injury harm- you will gain a critical, but fleeting, opportunity.

Risks: ...