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Act 1: Act 1

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Maybe you didn't really wake up that morning. Maybe you were still dreaming. It was certainly strange, where you woke up, and not like a real place at all.

The ground was full of holes and burrows, and the sky was full of swirling blusters of blackish grains. These grains sometimes found themselves in large piles on the ground, among the peculiar and enormous hourglasses. The hourglasses poured their contents routinely away, contents which you were pretty certain where the same blackish grains. What was that substance?

Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!

Now you were sure. The sky, the ground, the time-keepers- all full of pepper.

You wipe your nose. You don't know where you are, or even if you are. What do you know?


You know your name is Agnes Little. You were sixteen years old when you went to bed last night, and you have to guess that you are still now. The truth is, you've never known very much.

People came from far and wide to see your Big Sister, the famous sorceress who could heal all ills. The people might notice you, and then they might ask you a question or two, but would always quickly stop once they realized how empty your head was.

Are you a sorceress too? You didn't know. How does your Big Sister do it? You didn't know.

You did your best just to do as your Big Sister told you so, it was the most you could do for anybody.

Though, when you got a chance, you did enjoy a romp in the creek where the mushrooms grew and the frogs swam. You were often told it wasn't very becoming of a young woman, to be covered in mud and idly spending time in the creek... but it was the one place you felt you knew something. You knew you liked that creek.

You certainly hope you can go back there. There didn't seem to be any water, or mud, or mushrooms, or frogs here.

??????: Sneezi? Is that you?

There's a voice calling out from behind one of the piles! Before you give it a second thought, you stand up to peek over the pepper.

A weird, up-right but buggy-looking girl catches glimpse at you with her gigantic yellow eyes.

??????: EEK!!

The buggy girl falls into a huddle behind the pile. She doesn't stay down for long, before scrabbling forward and scampering out the other way.

??????: I didn't see that!
??????: I didn't see anybody!!

AGNES: Wait! Wait up!
AGNES: Who are you?
AGNES: Where am I?!

You try to jump over the pepper-pile, but only manage to slip and sink into it. You tussle with the grains, struggling to pull out your boots, as the gray girl dashes out of sight behind a far-away hourglass...

AGNES: Drat!

You puff out your cheeks and yank out your boots from the pile. With great gusto, you hurdle over the pepper and shout out again.

AGNES: Please come back!!

No response.

You knew it was very rude to chase somebody you didn't know... but you don't think there is much else to do here. Its probably very rude to scream and run away from somebody you didn't know, too!

You don't know why, but imagining the stranger as more rude than you eases your nerves somewhat.

Where could she have gone? The land rolls in light hills in every direction, although your view is pretty obscured by the swirling pepper clouds. There had to be something you could use as a point of reference...

As you think and walk forward mindlessly, something becomes more visible. A crack on the hourglass she had vanished behind! The pepper is spilling out onto the ground from inside the glass vessel. It was a unique feature that could help you get your bearings.

Now, you know where you are...


... and have no idea where the mysterious bug girl had gone off to. Your small victory was ultimately pointless.

You consider walking more, just in any direction, but you might loose the view of the broken hourglass in only a few minutes.

You drop onto your bottom with a frustrated har-umph! The situation seemed absolutely unwinnable.

You sit for a few minutes. At first, you watch the sky, and then the hour-glasses dripping and tinkling away. It's all making you rather sleepy.

Well, maybe if you were still dreaming, you should just go back to bed? Perhaps the next time you woke up, you'd be back at home. Your heavy eyes start to close and...

Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!

The clouds of pepper ensured this wasn't going to be a very restful place to sleep.

?????: I heard you!

(More to Come!)