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Cozy Glow's Story

Part 1: The Perfect Child

Word-Count: ~430 Content Warnings: ??? Written: September 2020 Last Edit: N/A

Cozy Glow is the pegasus daughter of two Canterlot Unicorn Magical Elite. Her parents were always the strict and distant kind, busy with their important lives, but when there daughter was a pegasus without the traditional forms of magic they were so accustomed to... they really didn't know how to relate to her, or what to do with her. Her parents grew more distant, more strict... and Cozy Glow could tell they were drifting away. (It didn't help that Cozy Glow became aware that her father had ordered a paternity test when she was born to see if she was even really his daughter. She was, but the message was clear- he didn't see Cozy Glow as his family.)

Her response, knowing or not, was to try and be the absolute perfect child. She would be adorable, she would be innocent, she would be well-behaved and mature and incredibly smart and a good leader. Cozy Glow worked endlessly to mold herself into the form she thought would be the most appealing to her parents, and in the process, made herself cold and un-relatable to other children. Cozy Glow didn't realize it, she was too focused on winning the attention of her busy parents, but she wasn't making friends naturally.

The other children wanted to be mischievous and crude and dirty, like regular little kids, and Cozy Glow wouldn't have them soil her delightful image and ruin her chance. Her parents were oblivious to Cozy Glow intent, but when Twilight Sparkle became Equestria's new Princess of Friendship... they honed in on Cozy Glow's lack of the now desirable concept of "close friends." When Twilight Sparkle opened a School for Friendship, the parents thought it would be a wonderful chance to "bump elbows" with the new princess and have their weird, regrettable child become a student of a new, (probably) elite and (probably) magical school.

The parents announced to Cozy she'd been accepted to the School of Friendship- which was basically an outreach mentorship for delinquent children who struggled in formal education programs- and shipped her off in a private train-car.

Cozy Glow snapped. She had done everything she could to be perfect for her parents, to be the absolute ideal of a child, and they saw her as a delinquent, and broken, and needing more help. And- a school that taught monsters, too? Was she a monster to them? Cozy Glow was done with her parents. She was done being a perfect child- and she lost all respect for Twilight Sparkle, and the Elements, and friendship.

When the train arrived at the School of Friendship, Cozy Glow wasn't in it.

Part 2: The School of Shadows

Word-Count: WIP Content Warnings: ??? Written: September 2020 Last Edit: N/A

Cozy Glow had done her research. Before the School of Friendship was ready to open its doors to students, there had been a scandal. Two high-ranking members of the Equestrian Education Association had tried to convince Princess Twilight Sparkle to use the school to further pony-imperialism, and Twilight had seen them fired and demonized. They were Neigh Sayer and Abacus Cinch. Cozy Glow sought these two out on a confident suspicion they wouldn't just take Twilight Sparkle's actions laying down... and she was right.

Neigh Sayer and Abacus Cinch were creating their own school, a school for dark magic, and forbidden history, supremacy, and imperialism. The School of Shadows. Cozy Glow wanted to be a part of the School of Shadows, and when Neigh Sayer discovered she had actually already been accepted into the School of Friendship- he saw the opportunity to use Cozy Glow as a double-agent. Cozy Glow accepted this chance gladly- she had spent most of her young life playing a role, it was something she was good at.

Cozy Glow was only a few days late to the School of Friendship, with a story about how she missed the train at the station and got just a little lost on her way here. The Elements of Harmony bought the story whole-sale. (WIP)