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The Scapegoat

Word-Count: ~700 Content Warnings: Abusive/Toxic Relationships Written: August 2020 Last Edit: N/A

Discord has asked Fluttershy to be his "special some-pony," but Fluttershy is unsure if she feels that way about Discord. Discord laughs off her hesitation, saying that being unsure of herself is just like Fluttershy, and he will wait for her to say "yes" and loves her anyway.

Fluttershy goes out walking in the forest after, trying to gather her thoughts, but trips and falls down a cliff and ends up with her wing trapped under a rock. A goat with one broken horn finds her soon after, and helps Fluttershy out from under the rock. Fluttershy of course thanks the goat, and says she is very lucky that the goat was there to help her.

The goat, named Ninny, disagrees, saying that it's probably her fault Fluttershy got hurt at all. The goat explains that she is a Scapegoat- a very unlucky goat that brings misfortune wherever she goes. Ninny says because she was born, her entire herd is suffering- at least that's what her mom said.

Fluttershy is outraged that Ninny's family would tell her something so awful. She decides she will climb up the tall mountain to Ninny's home, to tell the other goats it wasn't nice to blame all their problems on "the scapegoat". As Fluttershy climbs up the mountain with Ninny, bad and unlucky things keep happening. Ninny argues this is because she is the Scapegoat, but Fluttershy protests that they are simply bad-luck and it would be worse if they weren't together to help each other get through. Along the way, Fluttershy tells Ninny about her dilemma with Discord- and how she worries that, having never had another pony ask to be her "special some-pony" that if she says no, Fluttershy will be alone. Ninny says that because Fluttershy is so kind and determined, she is sure to find somebody who makes her feel sure she wants to be with them forever.

When they finally reach the abbey-like home of the goat herd, Fluttershy marches right up the matriarch (Ninny's mother) and says she should be nicer to Ninny. The Matriarch Goat disagrees, saying she's done nothing but love Ninny, despite being the scapegoat, and has protected Ninny from herself. Fluttershy says you can't really love somebody if you don't love them unconditionally- its not love to "love them despite themselves." You can't just say you love somebody, you have to act like it!

The matriarch gets very upset, and says that the goat herd is the best Ninny will ever have, and Fluttershy should go. Fluttershy is a little surprised that Ninny seems to eventually agree with her mother, thinking she'd never find a better place to live than the herd, and it's all she's ever known.

At this point, Fluttershy finally sees the connection between her hesitation with Discord and Ninny's with her mother. Fluttershy reminds Ninny of what she told her- that she, too, is kind and determined and will find somebody who makes them sure they want to be with them forever- and reminds her that they were able to get through all the bad things on the mountain because they were together. Fluttershy says she knows that Ninny can find a better family, and that she will help her.

Ninny seems like she's about to have a change of heart at scold her mother, when suddenly the abbey of goats attack Fluttershy and Ninny. It seem hopeless and outmatched, until Discord arrives and teleports Fluttershy and Ninny away. Discord says he was tired of waiting for Fluttershy to return, and is ready for her answer now.

Ninny looks expectantly at Fluttershy, who seems conflicted for a little bit, but finally works up the courage to tell Discord very plainly that she would rather just be his friend. Discord asks if she's got her eyes on somebody else, and Fluttershy says that it doesn't matter if she does, it doesn't change her feelings about him and he should respect her feelings if they want to stay friends. Discord reluctantly agrees after a moment, taking the moment as a lesson of friendship. Discord asks Ninny if he'd like him to take her back to the mountain, but Ninny says she doesn't live there anymore. Discord is excited by the prospect of the adventure of trying to find a new home for Ninny with Fluttershy.