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Found Fauna

Word-Count:~250 Content Warnings: N/A Written: August 2020 Last Edit: N/A

Twilight Sparkle, soon after being left to rule Equestria, is very, very busy.

Late at night, instead of sleeping, she is working on solving a mysterious cipher found in Starswirl's studies. The cipher, although incredibly advanced, was written in the Stone Age.

Twilight misses being able to go solve mysteries like this with her friends, but is too busy running Equestria alone to spend much time with her friends!!

Finally, Twilight is able to solve the cipher one night, and it summons a woolly mammoth named Fauna.

Fauna explains that she was tired of her people- the advanced and intelligent stone-age mammoths- fighting a war, so she sealed herself into the magical cipher so somebody very smart would release her when the war was over.

Twilight helps take Fauna back to the place where the mammoths lived, but discovers that the mammoths went extinct a long time ago because of their own war. Fauna is devastated!!

Instead of helping her people, she thought she was smarter than them, and assumed the war would just go away eventually... but now they're gone forever and Fauna is alone.

Twilight comforts Fauna, explaining that she and her friends will be Fauna's friends now.

Twilight begins to realize that she needs to focus more on the time she can spend with her friends and loved ones, instead of waiting for a hypothetical future where she has more time.

"There's no time but now."