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Dark of the Night (Part 2)

Word-Count: 707 Content Warnings: N/A Written: August 2020 Last Edit: N/A

The doubt persisted.

Moonrise Twinkle found it difficult to sleep that night. She repeated Heavenly Lights' words in her mind, over and over, like they were stuck there.

"Do you only have friends so you can have a super-special magical destiny?"

Moonrise Twinkle liked all her many friends. They were kind and supportive, and they complimented her frequently. Maybe too frequently. Did she just like the attention? What does it take to be a real, good friend? Why did she want friends? Isn't friendship something all ponies- all creatures- desire? Or maybe she only wanted friendship because she so deeply wanted to be a hero. Her trio of mothers were heroes. Doesn't everybody want to be a hero? Heavenly Lights said they didn't. Her mothers warned her about selfishness and boasting.

The thoughts cycled around in her head like a whirling storm, no matter how badly Moonrise wished she could just get some rest. She tried to tell herself she'd ask some of the Councilponies about friendship, and wanting friendship, tomorrow.. but it did little to quell the storm.

She rolled over in bed, loudly sighing and scrunching her soft pillow over her ears as if it would help. As she turned, a twinkle of light caught her eye. It was like her own horn had flashed, without any conscious use of magic. Moonrise Twinkle blinked, and focused her magic into her horn. It lit up again, illuminating the dark bedroom, but more than that she could feel... a draw. There was a trail of the light splitting away from the rest, and floating down toward the room toward the window.

Moonrise Twinkle followed the light, rising up out of bed. Her eyes were wide. She wasn't casting a location spell, she knew that. This magic, this light... it followed something else. Something greater.

The floating specks of light vanished around the window. "No!" She whispered out loud. This was a great magic, a great chance... it can't already be over. Not yet.

Moonrise Twinkle lit up her horn again, and again, a trail of light danced away from the rest- to the other side of the dark window. Her telekinetic powers lifted the window open. Her bedroom, on the first floor of the house, would be easy enough to sneak out of. She had to take the chance.

As she followed the light, which grew brighter and fluttered with more and more vibration, the air grew colder and colder. Everything else seemed so much darker, if Moonrise Twinkle could even notice anything else.

"Where are you taking me?" Moonrise gasped as her hoof stepped into crunchy snow.

She wasn't expecting a reply, but she got one. A voice, like a icy chime, whispered through the cold breeze back to her. "I need you... we need you... Moonrise Twinkle..."

"Are- are you in danger? Are you hurt?" She called out louder, eyes searching through the darkness for anybody else. It was impossible to see in the midnight blackness. "Where are you?"

"Moonrise Twinkle... your light..." The mysterious voice said faintly.

"Oh!" Moonrise cast her illumination spell again. Her unicorn's horn was like a firework, exploding with bright light that quickly flashed into darkness again. There was something she could see for a split second, but it was gone already. "My spell... it's not working..." She murmured. "I can't see you..."

"Please, help me, Moonrise Twinkle...."

"I'm trying!" She called again, dropping to her knees in a sudden sting of bitter cold. She had no idea where she was.

Something small and cool, like glass, tapped against her hoof.

"Drink this potion, and you will see... you will see me...."

"A potion?" Moonrise shivered. Her eyes began to well up with tears. Something about this suddenly felt wrong. "What kind of potion is it?" Her telekinesis lifted the object. It was a small vial, full of a thick liquid- that much she could feel through the magical sense.

"I need you, Moonrise Twinkle. Please.... drink the potion... you will see... you will see me."

Moonrise Twinkle held the vial to her mouth. For reasons she didn't understand, she said before she drank, "Please... don't leave me here..."

"...I will take you home, Moonrise Twinkle," the voice whispered back.