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Dark of the Night (Part 1)

Word-Count:780 Content Warnings: N/A Written: July 2020 Last Edit: N/A

"Hey, Heavenly Lights!" Moonrise Twinkle called with a smile, trotting over to the cream-colored unicorn sitting alone in the common area. "You know, you're always welcome to come and sit with me and my friends."

"Thanks, Moonrise." Heavenly Lights responded without looking away from the book they held afloat with a magical aura. "I appreciate the offer, but I'd prefer to sit where it's quiet and read."

Moonrise looked over her shoulder, back at the crowded table where her friends at The Evening Glow School for Magically Gifted Ponies all sat together, ate, and laughed. Moonrise smiled knowingly at them, gestured with her horn at Heavenly Lights, and then the crowd of ponies smiled back and waved. None of them had really expected Heavenly Lights to move from their spot.

Moonrise Twinkle had a flash of curiosity in her eyes. She saw the old tome that Heavenly Lights was flipping through carefully. "Hey, what are you reading?" She asked.

"It's one of the first books written about heart-corruption and heart-possession in unicorns." Heavenly Lights said flatly.

Moonrise shivered and blinked, a little nervously. "You're not... worried you're going to be corrupted, are you?"

Heavenly Lights finally looked away from the book, casting a quick side-ways glance at Moonrise Twinkle. "No, of course not." They looked back at the book. "It's just important knowledge to have."

"Of course, of course..." Moonrise nodded. "...sometimes we worry about you, though. The child of the Princess of Friendship, with such strong magic and with barely any friends..."

"My mother is the Councilpony of Identity," Heavenly Lights corrected her sharply.

Moonrise was flustered. "You know what I-"

"Besides, it's not friendship that prevents a pony with powerful magic from becoming corrupted or possessed. As the book states, 'corruption is a result of the negative emotions of a magically potent unicorn being given magical life.' You could have lots of friends and still have negative emotions that you failed to handle in a healthy way." Heavenly Lights stated.

"Alright," Moonrise Twinkle tried to keep an even tone, despite her frustration. "But, you know, friendship really is the best way to grow your magical destiny." She smiled as she not-so subtly boasted.

"Do you only have friends so you can have a super-special magical destiny, Moonrise Twinkle?" Heavenly Lights grumbled in a low tone.

"Of course not!" Moonrise gasped loudly and dramatically. "That'd be awful! I love my friends, and my friends love me!"

"We love you, Moonrise!" Another unicorn shouted out from across the room. "Now, leave Heavenly alone and come back and sit with us!"

Moonrise Twinkle couldn't just walk away, though. "I was saying that because I know you want powerful magic, but really don't seem interested in making any connections with the other students here, that's all."

Heavenly Lights sighed. "I don't really want to be part of magical destiny though. I like to read, and be alone, and that's really all I want. I don't need to be part of some team of friendship heroes fighting evil to know that I'm important to Equestria."

"Hmm," Moonrise shrugged. "I guess I can't relate. I always imagined myself fighting some great big evil nemesis, saving the world with my good, good friends... I know it'll happen someday."

"Maybe." Heavenly Lights said dismissively.

Moonrise Twinkle opened her mouth again, but another one of her friends called for her in that moment. She decided she'd probably enjoy spending time with the group more, rather than trying to convince Heavenly Lights the importance of friendship and how awesome it would be to stop villains, like both of their parents had done. Moonrise rolled her eyes and turned away from the chair in the corner where they sat, walking back over the crowded table.

"Don't let them get to you," another unicorn student, Wishbone, responded to Moonrise Twinkle's dour face. "Heavenly Lights is just a little... prickly sometimes. I know you were only trying to be kind."

Moonrise paused a moment. Finally, she asked thoughtfully, "Do you think we'll ever have a chance to do some real good, you know, save Equestria from monsters as friends?"

"Of course!" Wishbone nodded with a mouth full of food. "Even with the Elements missing right now, if there is anypony who knows about the power of friendship... its you, Moonrise!"

"And," Another pony added, "You're super powerful and good at magic! And so-o-o gorgeous!"

The table erupted with laughter at the playful, and familiar, flirt. Moonrise let a smile creep onto her lips. She shook her head, letting go of the doubt that Heavenly Lights had brought, and made a conscious note to enjoy the time together with her loyal friends.