Before Neopia and Ancient Neopia

The Kayannin

Kayana is a planet multiple solar-systems, and even galaxies, away from Neopia. Kayana is a planet with multiple species of very intelligent and magical life-forms, seperated by a strict heirachy of power. The most powerful Kayannin race are the Faeries.

Dr. Sloth is another, unknown type of Kayannin. He left the planet, traveled through space, and found a barren planet that had the right conditions to host life. Here, Dr. Sloth created experimental, artifical mutant life-forms that he controlled and planned to use as slaves. These experiments would have been forbidden on Kayana. Dr. Sloth called the creatures "Virtupets."

However, Dr. Sloth's where-abouts, and the mutants, were discovered by the Kayannin Faeries. Although the Faeries were unable to apprehend Dr. Sloth, who had creaed an artifical moon-base; the Faeries were able to embue some of their own magic into the mutants. This gave the mutants souls, true life, and free-will. They re-named the creatures, of which there were many types, "Neopets." The Faeries then helped terraform the barren planet into something that could sustain the new, independant Neopets. The Neopets named this rapidly-changing planet "Neopia."

Dr. Sloth, from the artificial moon of Kreludor, vowed revenge on the Faeries, as well as his wayward creations.

The Rise and Fall of the Circle of Twelve

The first hub of Neopet society was in the landmass around modern-day "Neopia Central." Although then-called just Neopia, the society founded there in 0 NA (Neopian Age), is now known as "Ancient Neopia." Ancient Neopia was closely monitored by the Kayannin faeries, but as time passed, they became more distant and content to have Neopets self-govern. Ancient Neopia choose a formal government of twelve powerful Neopet wizards, who were known as The Circle of Twelve. All twelve members of the Circle of Twelve would be leaders for life,and given complete control of a specific area of Anicent Neopia. The Circle of Twelve would have a Judge, a central figure who would guide the official business of the Circle, and work as the authority and tie-breaker between them. The original Judge for the Circle of Twelve was Judge Xantan. The other founding members of Circle of Twelve were Jahbal, Faleinn, Coltzan, Razul, Schrommos, Delpho, Maraq, Igarus, Khronos, Shenkai, and Oscura.

Jahbal, an Eyrie Neopet, began to seek more and more power. He consulted with three Kayannin outlaws, who had hidden on Neopia, who were simply known as "The Three." Judge Xantan discovered Jahbal's wicked workings with The Three.... but before Judge Xantan could bring Jahbal's corruption to light, Jahbal himself framed Judge Xantan for a brutal murder. Judge Xantan was cast out by the other members of the Circle of Twelve, cursed into a horrible sludge-like form, and Jahbal himself became Judge of the Circle of Twelve. A younger wizard named Dometicus joined the Circle of Twelve.

Judge Jahbal continued to work with The Three in secret, becoming more powerful and twisted. The disputes with other members of the Circle of Twelve became more frequent and volatile. Eventually, the conflict came to a boiling point when Faleinn- who ruled over the settlement of Kal-Panning- wanted to succeed from Ancient Neopia and the rule of The Circle of Twelve. This started a brief civil war in the year 25 NA. Faleinn and Kal-Panning lost the war against Judge Jahbal and Ancient Neopia. Judge Jahbal, without consulting the other wizards of the Circle, cursed Falein and all of Kal-Panning to become undead monstrosities as a punishment for their attempted betrayal. The cursed Kal-Panning became known as The Haunted Woods.

It was in cursing all of Kal-Panning that the other wizards of the Circle of Twelve (down to only eleven total members) became united against Judge Jahbal. They recognized they had little hope to face Jahbal in a fight directly, and instead were able to trap Judge Jahbal inside his own private tower on the outskirts of the Haunted Woods. Judge Jahbal's magic was still too powerful, and from inside the confides of his tower, Jahbal wreaked havoc on Ancient Neopia. The conditions of Ancient Neopia got worse and worse, and eventually the remaining ten members of the Circle of Twelve decided they'd voyage outside of Ancient Neopia and found new settlements far, far away from Jahbal and his rampage. Coltzan, Razul, Schrommos, Delpho, Maraq, Igarus, Khronos, Shenkai, Oscura and Dometicus split up the Circle of Twelve and took their loyal Neopets on distant journies in 50 NA.

The Destruction of Delpho

Delpho, a Kiko Neopet, and his followers journied to the north-east. The group had a very difficult journey, wrought with strife and sickness. Things only got worse when a massive earth-quake hit their camp, trapping the entire group in a cavernous dome and completly burying Delpho himself under a massive amount of rock. What happened to the trapped Neopets exactly is uncertain, but when the area that was buried in the earthquake was rediscovered to Neopia, hundreds of years later in another smaller earthquake in Terror Mountain, it was now Tyrannia. The speculation is that without the guidance of Delpho or his magic, any faeries, and a lack of supplies, the Neopets turned to a primitive form of soceity. The severe earthquake that caused their isolation is assumed to be a result of the unstable planetary core of Neopia.

Tyrannia's rediscovery drew the eye of the watchful Dr. Sloth, who manipulated a group of rebels lead by a monstrously large Grarrl named Monoceraptor. Monoceraptor and his allies started the Tyrannian Civil War, to resist opening up Tyrannia to the rest of Neopia, as the leaders of Tyrannia origianlly wanted. Monoceraptor was defeated, and Tyrannia reconnected with the rest of Neopia. Dr. Sloth didn't take kindly to Monceraptor's failure, and withdrew aide and contact.

Long after the Tyrannian Civil War, efforts to un-earth historical relics from Tyrannia brought light to the resting place of Delpho. Delpho, over hundreds of years, had become the magical spirit known as "The Oracle." The Oracle promised magical benefits to those who could sway him- a promise that caught the attention of many warring factions, desperate to claim the prize. Delpho, the Oracle, seems fickle and is often switching hands of his magical boons.

An Unstable Core