The ONO Club (Pt. 1)
The ONO Club (Pt. 2)


The ONO Club (Part 1)

Word-Count: 1,083 Content Warnings: Blood, Cursing Written: November 2019 Last Edit: N/A

"Are you sure she's coming?" Aradia asked, right before idly blowing a strand of hair off her muzzle.

"She was in class today!" Feferi insisted again. "She did seem kind of jittery, and weird, but... well, she also seemed really excited about our game tonight! I'm positive she'll be here....eventually."

"She's probably just running late. Princess Meenah might have given her a special assignment, or something," suggested Nepeta.

"Maybe she died!" giggled Terezi. Her serpentine tongue flicked out her mouth.

"That's not funny," Feferi frowned. The kelpie troll-pony paced about the dimly lit and cavernous empty library. Every other week, the six troll-ponies met here in the library of The Princess's School for the Gifted, for their ritual game of Ogres 'n' Oubliettes. They called themselves the ONO Club, even though it wasn't really a school-sanctified club. Now, it was almost an hour after the start time, and the ONO Club's most enthusiastic player had not shown up. Where was Vriska?

Without looking up from the small hat she was sewing, Kanaya said, "Why don't we just start without her? We'll catch her up when she arrives."

Nepeta, the olive-blooded Sabre-Tooth Troll-Pony, shook her head vigorously. "Oh no, don't you remember the last time we started without Vriska? It was only about 5 minutes of play, and she was furious! She nearly put a silencing spell on Aradia!"

Aradia rolled her eyes. "You shouldn't be so scared of her," said the rust-blooded earth pony. Aradia was the group's game-master, and also the school's assistant librarian.

"Why not? She's a unicorn and the personal student of Princess Meenah!" said Nepeta. "She's got to have some of the most powerful magic in Alterquestria!"

"What about you?" responded Aradia, looking Nepeta in the eyes. "You managed to take down a mutant trunk-beast by yourself. It's not exactly like you're some defenseless filly."

"Vriska isn't the only student of Princess Meenah, either!" Feferi pouted with pursed lips. She let the fuchsia aura of her magic glow smoke out of her kelpie's blow-hole. "I've got my own magic, too! I could take her!"

"I've got five bits on Vriska kicking Feferi's ass." Terezi said with a smirk, leaning onto the table. Feferi snorted indignantly at the teal-blooded longma troll-pony. Terezi responded by spreading out her fiery wings in a sort-of shrug. "Hey, I could be wrong. Maybe you could wait by the door for her to show up and get a surprise attack in."

"And remember- if you get any blood on my books, I'll kick your ass,too!" Aradia sneered.

"Stop it." Kanaya the jade-blooded bat troll-pony added simply and sharply.

"Wait," Nepeta jumped up from her seat, galloping to the door, with her ears pricked. "I think I hear somebody coming!"

"Hello, girls!" The heavy double doors to the dungeon-esque library glowed a cobalt blue and flung open at full force. Nepeta was able to nimbly jump out of the way in the nick of time. A large, burlap sack flung through the doors and onto the game table. Six enormous jewels clattered out of the sack and smashed the game pieces. Vriska hastily limped into the room after them.

"Vriska!" Feferi gasped loudly. "What happened to your leg? It's almost gone!"

Vriska collapsed half-way onto the empty chair that had been waiting for her. She contorted herself awkwardly around to face the others, with a smug smile and crazed eyes. Blood gushed out of the nub of her front-left leg. "In a moment, Feferi," Vriska cooed. "I have an important announcement to make first."

"What the hell!" Aradia shouted. She slammed her hoof into Vriska's face to shove her out of the chair and onto the floor. "You're getting blood everywhere!"

"Wh-what are these?" Nepeta stared at the colorful jewels on the table.

Vriska laughed, then coughed up some more blood, and continued laughing. "Girls, you are now accomplices to high-treason. We are going to conquer Alterquestria!"

"LMAO," Terezi said out-loud. The other troll-ponies looked on in a stunned silence for a slit second.

Kanaya threw down her half-completed hat and shoved Aradia out of the way, lifting Vriska's stump leg. "What is even wrong with you?!" She shrieked. Kanaya gestured with her wing for Terezi to come over and then gestured at the leg.

Terezi understood without words, blowing a quick breath of fire against the stump. Vriska made a hissing screech, but the wound was now cauterized and the buckets of blood stopped flowing onto the floor.

Suddenly, the library began to shake with the footsteps of some thundering herd. "The royal guards," Vriska explained. "We should run."

"Fuck!" Aradia screamed. She dashed toward the back-exist of the Library, and the other troll-ponies followed. Feferi's magic-spout lit up around Vriska, levitating the unicorn off of the ground and carrying her with magic toward the exist.

"The jewels!" Vriska hissed, trying to reach out her good front-leg out of Feferi's magical hold for the table. "Get the jewels!"

Nepeta scooped up the magical gemstones back into the sack with a swift motion, carrying the bundle in her mouth and charging out the door.

The royal guard exploded into the library, crashing into walls and fanning out like a wave. The armored troll-ponies of all blood-colors scrambled and shouted. "Get them! Get the artifacts!!"

"Where are we going to go?" Kanaya gasped as the ONO Club galloped frantically across the library's loading dock, toward the woods.

"Terezi," Aradia shouted with a commanding tone. "Fly ahead, go to the Megido Ranch and tell my mom to prepare the bunkers. We'll camp there for now."

Terezi gave a curt nod, lifter her serious expression and smiled. "See ya!" She laughed as she blasted with incredible speed forward through the air. The longma left a fiery teal streak behind her.

The royal guard broke down the walls of the library around the back-exit. One of them pointed toward the girls who were quickly vanishing into the tangle of trees. "They are headed into the Skaiafree Forest! Quickly- follow them!"

"Wait," commanded a icy and grim voice that seemed to stiffen all the guards at once. The long, slender leg of the Alicorn pushed the comparatively tiny guards aside. Princess Meenah's eyes narrowed at the escaping troll-ponies. "Let them into the forest. My influence is strong there. I can stop them."

Princess Meenah's eyes met with Vriska's from a distance. Vriska shrieked and laughed manically as she was magically carried out of sight and sound- "Suck it, Princess! Ahahahaha!"