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Grist is an abstract currency. It is earned through defeating enemies, failing rolls, or achieving check-marks in the story.

Grist can be used to "alchemize" (create) equipment and weapons. When alchemizing, a character might also need specific ingredients or components. The specific amount of Grist needed to alchemize equipment/weapons varies based on the game-play bonuses of the resulting equipment.

Grist can also be used to boost stat modifiers/amounts permanently, add extra points to a roll, or re-roll a dice.

Grist is specific to characters, not players. However, characters can share their grist with each other.

Absolute Grist Shop

5 Grist: Re-Roll Any Dice Roll (Second Roll MUST be used!)

10 Grist: +1 to Any Dice Roll Value

50 Grist: +1 Modifier to an Action Stat (with currently -1, 0, or +1)

50 Grist: +1 Maximum Point to a Defensive Stat (Doesn't Affect Current Value)

100 Grist: +1 Modifier to an Action Stat (with currently +2 or Greater)

Alchemization Grist Guidelines

2 Grist: Superficially Modified Equipment/Weapon

10 Grist: Equipment/Weapon with Swapped Bonus

20 Grist: Equipment/Weapon with New +1 Bonus