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Weapons and Equiptment

A character can have a nearly unlimited inventory of items, but only items that provide game-play bonuses or modifiers to rolls are categorized as "equipment."

"Weapons"are a special type of equipment designed for combat/strife, and have an associated "Damage Dice." (If a non-weapon item is used to attack, it will have a default damage dice of 1d4, resisted by either a target's Bulk or Agility modifier.)

List of Weapons


Strife Gameplay

The character who initiates a combative scenario goes first in a round. All other participants in combat will make a Combat Roll... the highest roll will go second in the round, and the second highest roll will go third in the round, and so on.

During combat, a character can attack once and move significantly once during their turn, before they will need to wait for their next turn to attack or move a significant amount. Other actions, such as talking, can be done on any character's turn.

When a character uses a weapon, they will first roll Combat. This combat roll will be judged against a target's defensive roll. The target has multiple options for defense, and the defensive roll modifier depends on the type of defensive action they take. If they try to dodge, it might be a "Agility" roll while if they try to parry it might be a "Combat" roll.

If the attacker's Combat roll is higher than the resulting Defensive Roll, the attack lands and the weapon's damage dice is rolled. Damage Dice are automatically resisted by a predetermined modifier of the target. The resulting number is the amount of Health points subtracted from the target.

Rolls of 1 or other failures during "Strife" do not earn Grist. However, killing an enemy (depleting to 0 Health Points) will earn you Grist.