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A "specialty" is a unique talent a character possesses that can provide game-play bonuses and modifiers to specific rolls.

List of Specialties


When your character has 0 Self Points, you may roll a d20 and add "Soul" immediately. If the roll is above 15, you heal 1 Self Point.

Cutie Pie
+1 to Social Rolls when attempting to charm, calm down, or friendly yourself to another character.

Second Chance
You can sacrifice one Self point to roll any dice again. You must use the second dice roll and you can only do this once per dice-roll.

You may heal 1 Health Point when successfully killing any enemy.

+1 to Social Rolls when trying to resist being influenced, intimidated, or calmed by others.

Sleuth Extraordinaire
+1 to Social Rolls when you are attempting to read or discern the unspoken feelings, intentions, or honesty of another party.

Prankster's Gambit
When you roll a Critical Success (natural 20) on any Social Roll, you will heal 1 Self Point. (You can heal beyond your maximum Self Points.)

Tier 1 Restriction

Ghost Arisen
You have the ability to summon,commune with, and manipulate the spirits of the undead, with the use of the "Soul" stat.

Commune with Animals
You have the ability to communicate with, and manipulate non-sapient "animal" life with the use of the Soul dice.

Psionic Powers
You have the ability to move objects with your mind at close range, and create beams of deadly light with the use of the "Intelligence" dice.

Psychic Manipulation
You have the ability to psychically manipulate sapient "being" life with the use of the Luck dice.

Tier 2 Restriction

Conditional Immortality
If your character reaches 0 Health Points (dies) in a manner that is neither HEROIC or JUST, they will be-reborn with maximum health points.

Retcon Powers
You have the ability to time-travel and alter time-lines in a manner that will not result in a doomed time-line. This ability relies on your "Luck" stat.

Class/Aspect and Power

Certain characters (those who have played SBurb) have a Class and an Aspect. This Sburb granted title gives a player certain abilities that other characters would not have. Characters who have a Class and Aspect have an associated power level from 1 to 5. This power level describes their mastery of the SBurb title and their ability to draw on these abilities.

Power Level of a Class/Aspect can only be improved through story check-marks, not through Grist.

Class and Aspect powers are like a unique, generalized form of specialty...instead of describing every possible use of a Class/Aspect title's abilities. Players/characters can describe their reasoning for how to use the class/aspect powers and what the result might be.

More extreme and weighty uses of Class/Aspect abilities will require a higher power level, while more minor or inconsequential uses of Class/Aspect abilities will only require a lower power level.

If a character has the necessary power level to use a class/aspect ability, they will roll the action and add the most relevant Active Stat modifier. If a character does not have the necessary power level, there is no roll because there is no attempt.