Campaign 1
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Act 1
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Campaign 1: Act 1, Act 1

Content Warnings: ???

You won!

Actually, it's been about three years since you beat SBURB and claimed your Ultimate Reward: a new Universe. You've all been very busy making this the best universe you can muster, as well as just trying to...well, process the gruesome memories of what it took to reach this point. You're not sure which task is more challenging, honestly.

Although you're all literal, capital-G Gods, you still like to take a nap every now and then. You all have different dreams- very different dreams. However, they all ended the same.

An update is available...and a familiar loading screen.

Then, you woke up.

Despite a nagging fear, you woke up in the same world you left behind. The New Universe, the Ultimate Reward.

Can you describe a little bit about this world? ==>

JANE ==>
It's lush. More lush than I'd ever seen. Teeming with flora that blossomed, practically exploded, instantaneously into existence with just a wave of my hand over the round earth. Most of the world has been claimed by ferocious fauna leftover from the terraforming schemes of the extraterrestrial dowager empress; Great kingdoms of enormous white chitinous beasts the planet once was unfit to nourish.

But beneath foot and claw emerges new microscopic miracles, the underdogs, ready to rise up the chain of evolution and claim their spot in history.

We started colonizing right away, of course. All those poor carapacians rendered homeless, planetless, devoid of so many loved ones, came together in the face of the bigger calamity. Their settlements are small, vertical, concentrated, but their populations are growing everyday with our help, and the guidance of their passionate appointed leaders.

They even built a church for me. Sometimes I go, to speak, but I keep a respectful distance. The way they look up to me... it reminds me why I'm here. And I don't take the responsibility lightly.

I live away from the mortals, with my brother. Well, my grandson. But he's like a brother to me. A twin I never had. Together, we find the space to help each other, heal each other, and make the most out of our indefinite lives. I am burdened, but happy.


JOHN ==>
New Earth is great! Or was it Earth 3. What did we call it again? Any way.

I don't have anything to complain about. At least, I shouldn't. I helped create a universe, I have friends and family, and I live on a moon that my nanna-sister-mom fixed up which is pretty cool. Do not ask about how exactly we are related, I decided I should stop trying to wrap my head around it. It doesn't matter, we are just family! I also have two... Cousins? And a dad but he's not my real dad and is actually like my son except UGH. Fuck, who gives a shit!!! I have a group of people I am slime related to okay! God. :/

Eternity is going good so far. Very... Eternal. Infinite time to do infinite things! I do god stuff every now and then, bringing rain during a drought or clearing clouds to stop a flood. Some times when I get really bored I turn into wind myself and drift wherever the rest of the wind wants to take me. It's kind of like sleeping except not? I can't describe it well. Interacting with the societies on Earth: Triple Threat is always awkward so I don't do it much. It is just... Weird. Being worshiped and seen as some great hero. I did do hero stuff, of course! But after the first few parades and ceremonies the pride gets stale. All of the fairy tales with happy endings seem so much different than this because they have... Endings.

I still like video games and shitty movies and all of that core character stuff, but it doesn't really feel the same. I'm really restless lately. I can only rewatch and replay something so many times over several thousand years, and that's barely a blink in terms of the whole sort of immortality situation. Maybe I'm just ungrateful or something, but more and more I miss being a regular kid. I don't tell anyone, though. I'm the friend leader, the goofy windy boy extraordinaire! Paradise shouldn't be weighed down by my dumb party pooping anxieties. I just need to settle in, is all.


About 6 hours later...

The late evening sky is full of bright, clear, and colorful stars. The stars are especially luminous and twinkling on the lunar home of John and Jane. Especially a particular, bright white star. It's lively glisten is almost like a dance.... this star is growing brighter, and brighter. And brighter.

Oh no, good feelings gone.

It's a white-hot meteor. It's coming for the moon.

The meteor blinks the entire planet into a white light and blissful silence, before a loud, rumbling crash. Luckily, it landed on the back of the moon...away from the homes you had built. There's a large crater, and something flickering into existence inside the deepest part of the crater.

It rises up like a mirage on a hot road.... marble columns like aspen trees, crackled and rippling with veins of pale color, and small red and blue eyes that blink open in the cracks. Some kind of living stone temple... it has towering engraved dark-wooden doors, closed on the front side. There seems to be stained glass windows, but they're made of opaque eyes as well.

It insists itself into the world, and stays there, at the bottom of the wide crater on the moon.