Mu Lamba Pi (Pt. 3)

Word-Count:1,170 Content Warnings: N/A Written: March 15, 2020 Last Edit: N/A

"Sunset Shimmer, you need to calm down!" Rarity insisted.

"Yeah," Applejack added. "Just because you couldn't see her memories, doesn't mean Blue Belle is a ghost."

The girls had gathered inside Sunset Shimmer's motor-home, now parked to the side of the Mu Lamba Pi house. Sunset insisted they talk in there, rather than inside the house itself, to make sure that Blue Belle and Fidget couldn't hear. Their two strange sorority sisters didn't seem interested in following the friends into the motor-home, either.

Sunset herself was leaned over her laptop, scrolling through the campus newspaper and the Mu Lamba Pi sorority website. "Well, something is wrong! I was able to see the memories of snowflakes! Snowflakes!! Why couldn't I see hers?"

"Maybe we're just too far from camp," suggested Fluttershy. "The Crystals worked best when we where there."

"But doesn't your Harmonious Crystal still work?" Twilight Sparkle pointed out. She had been pacing around the floor, trying to make sense of the situation.

"I'll see." Fluttershy opened a window, stuck out her hand and made some kind of chirping noise. When she leaned back into the motor-home, a small songbird was perched on her outstretched finger. "It seems like it."

KA-BOOM! Sparks ignited from the middle of the room. "Mine works too!" shouted Pinkie Pie.

"So why would Sunset's crystal not work, if all of our do?" said Twilight.

"It must've been something wrong with Blue Belle." Sunset growled. "Look, I can't find anything about her online. No social media profiles, no year-books, no clubs.... it's like she just came out of thin air last year and joined Mu Lamda Pi!"

"Not everybody is on social media," Applejack rolled her eyes. "It doesn't mean anything."

Sunset ignored the comment. "And- and- She only joined right after all the other members of Mu Lamda Pi got so sick they had to go home! How weird is that?"

Pinkie Pie raised her hand like she was asking her high-school teachers a question. "What about Fidget?" said Pinkie. "She was a member before Blue Belle, right? Did she get sick?"

"No!" Sunset exclaimed. "She's so cold, too! And aggressive for no reason!"

"Almost reminds me of someone we used to know," murmured Rarity.

"Fidget has something to do with this- I'm sure of it." Sunset continued to rant. "Maybe she's sacrificing ponies-"

"-ponies?" said Twilight Sparkle.

"-people! Maybe she's doing some kind of... blood sacrifice to summon ghosts! And we're next!"

"I think," Applejack slammed Sunset Shimmer's computer closed. "You need to get some rest. I know college is a big change, and making new friends isn't easy for you Sunset... but we can't just start panicking that we're going to be blood sacrifices."

The other girls nodded and whispered in agreement.

"She was a little rude..." said Fluttershy. "...but that doesn't mean she's evil."

"And, you know... we could talk to them." Twilight Sparkle sighed. "Tell them how we feel, and ask them maybe about the rumors."

"If we're going to be living in the same house for our college years, it would be beneficial if we at least tried to get along," said Rarity.

Sunset Shimmer stomped her foot. "I don't want to get along!"

"Well, that's very clear!" Applejack huffed with distaste.

"Woah," Twilight Sparkle put her hands between Sunset and Applejack. "Let's not let this come between us. Please! I think we could all use some rest."

Sighing, Sunset Shimmer nodded. "Yeah. You all should head back to your rooms."

"Well," Rarity stifled a giggle. "All of us except Rainbow Dash. I think she already fell asleep in here."

KA-BOOM! Pinkie Pie threw a small explosion at Rainbow Dash's feet, sprawled across the kitchenette bench. Rainbow Dash burst upwards, screaming, and punched a hanging skillet. "OWCH!"

"She's awake now!" said Pinkie Pie.

"Wh-what?" Rainbow Dash held her sore hand. "Why did you wake me up?"

Pinkie Pie grinned "It's time to go to bed!"

Rainbow Dash looked at her with a disdainful grimace. Rarity giggled again, and ushered the girls out of the motor-home and back into the spooky old sorority house.

Despite the group's best efforts to open the door quietly, and sneak up the stairs silently, the creaking wooden boards and rusted hinges made it impossible. It seemed like every breath caused something to squeak or rattle.

"I hope we don't wake up Fidget." Fluttershy whispered. "It's very late." She opened the door to their conjoined bed-rooms and gasped.

Fidget, and Blue Belle, were inside their rooms. "Oh!" Blue Belle gasped back.

"What are you doing?" Rainbow Dash snapped.

"I don't like your tone," Blue Belle began before Fidget put her arm on her shoulder, pacifying her immediately.

"We were looking for you," said Fidget. "We... wanted to say goodnight but you weren't in here. We wanted to make sure you got home safe from wherever you went."

"Well... That's kind of you," said Fluttershy.

Applejack lowered her shoulders. "Gave us a fright though. We didn't go far, just to talk to Sunset out in the RV."

"I figured," said Fidget. As always, she stared at her own feet instead of the person she was talking to. "I didn't want to bother you though. I know Sunset Shimmer doesn't like us."

"I think she's just stressed," Twilight Sparkle offered. "Her Harmonious Crystal isn't working right and I think it's making her feel on edge."

"The magic necklaces?" Fidget grumbled. "I don't know what she would need with magic anyways." She paused before hurriedly adding, "I mean, she already has such wonderful friends. Isn't that enough?"

"Sunset Shimmer has always been interested in magic... even before, well, before she met us." Twilight Sparkle was carefully choosing her words.

"And we weren't always friends," Rarity added. "She used to be quite awful to us."

"What?" Blue Belle tilted her head.

"Why would you be friends with her if she was awful to you before?" Fidget asked, though so quietly it was hard to hear her over the clicking of the object in her hand.

"That's not who she is now," Twilight Sparkle said with great confidence. "She felt lost, and alone, and so she did some things that weren't right. But friendship isn't about being perfect...sometimes its about understanding."

"Right," Fidget's tone was so dark it was almost a snarl. "I'm glad you are all okay, then. We're going to bed." She raised herself stiffly off the bed and forcefully walked out of the room. Blue Belle skipped breezily beside her, the little bell in her hair chiming along as she went.

"That was weird," Rainbow Dash yawned as Blue Belle and Fidget left. "Guess she was too tired for a friendship speech."

"I still think we should talk to them about what's bothering us," Twilight climbed into her bed. "Tomorrow though."

"Definitely tomorrow!" Pinkie Pie belly-flopped into her bed. "I'm too tired to be solving magical mysteries or friendship problems. Or magical friendship mystery problems."

"Goodnight," said Fluttershy. She clicked the lights off.

"Goodnight, sisters!" Rarity cooed.