Mu Lamba Pi (Pt. 2)

Word-Count:1,238 Content Warnings: N/A Written: February 16, 2020 Last Edit: N/A

"This is the Mu Lamba Pi house," Fidget said. She waved her hands in the general direction of an old, crooked building surrounded by knotted, dry grass.

"Isn't it just wonderful?" Blue Belle clapped her hands as a post fell loudly off of the dreary and moldy porch. "I hope you already feel at home!"

"Applejack might," Rainbow Dash groaned. "We're pretty far from the rest of the campus."

Applejack huffed. "My house is not that far from y'alls neighborhood!"

"Sure, yeah, you keep telling yourself that." Rainbow Dash snickered. It was an easy button to push.

Blue Belle squeezed herself between Applejack and Rainbow Dash. "Oh, please be nice to each-other! We're sisters now!"

Rarity gasped, "Oh, no no no, we've been sisters! We've been friends for a very long time. It's just a little bit of good fun between old friends."

"You don't need to worry about us not getting along," Sunset Shimmer said as she eyed the large forlorn house. "We've been through a lot together."

"I heard," said Fidget. As she spoke, she would click a small dice-like object in her hand like it was a pen. "You faced magical monsters together, as magical... heroes."

"Oh, you heard about that?" Sunset blushed.

"Ooh!" Pinkie Pie interrupted. She burst over to Fidget. "What is that? A toy?" She tried to reach out to Fidget's dice.

"No!" Fidget hissed. She pulled her hand back away from Pinkie Pie. "It's... it helps me focus. It's not a toy. I'm not a child."

"Toys aren't just for children," Pinkie Pie blinked. "I love toys too!"

"I still have my Smarty-Pants to help me sleep," Twilight Sparkle added. She held up a stuffed horse from her bag.

"It's not a toy," Fidget repeated in a quieter voice. The group stepped into the house in an awkward silence.

"Are you two the only members of this sorority?" Sunset Shimmer said nervously.

"Yes," said Fidget. "The other members got.... sick. Last year."

"Sick?" Sunset echoed suspiciously.

"You don't think it was because.... a..." Fluttershy whispered to Sunset.

"Because a what?" Blue Belle asked loudly. Her eyes were wide with innocent curiosity.

"We don't want to be rude," Twilight Sparkle began. "We just heard from the other sororities that this sorority house was haunted. You know, ghosts... restless spirits... enchanting specters...wandering souls..."

"Well, that sounds scary!" Blue Belle gasped. "Why would they come up with such an awful rumor?"

"They don't like us," Fidget grumbled. It was hard to tell who exactly she was talking to, if anybody in particular.

"It's not true, then?" Fluttershy put her bags onto the floor.

"Of course not!" Blue Belle said. "There are no restless spirits or wandering souls here."

Fluttershy smiled faintly. "Thank goodness!"

"Your rooms are up the stairs to the left." Fidget pointed. "Our room is to the right. Don't go in there.... please."

"Aren't you going to show us our rooms?" Rarity asked.

"No. I think you can find them. Come on, Blue Belle." Her clicking dice in hand, she walked swiftly up the stairs. Blue Belle skipped behind her.

Sunset Shimmer caught the door before Fidget could slam it shut. "Wait," said Sunset Shimmer sharply. "Why did you want us in your sorority?"

Fidget looked up at Sunset Shimmer with an irritable scowl. "I told you that already," said Fidget. "You're perfect." She pulled the door closed with only just enough time to let Sunset keep her fingers from being caught.

"Quite the welcome wagon," Rarity said dryly.

"Yeah," Sunset Shimmer nodded. "Something seems wrong about this, about them."

"Sssh!" Pinkie Pie pulled Sunet toward the door across the hallway and whispered, "They can probably hear you, Sunset. It's not nice."

Twilight shook the handle on the creaky door. It took a few shoves to get it opened. "Let's... let's just put our things down."

"We all wanted to be in a sorority together," Rainbow Dash shrugged. "I doubt the other ones would've had enough rooms in their houses for us seven. I say we're lucky."

"Uh, don't count those un-hatched chickens yet," Applejack fretted. "I only count six beds in here." Behind the door in the hallway were three beds and a galley-style bathroom that lead to another, mirrored room with three beds. Six.

"Oh..." Twilight swallowed harshly.

"That's fine," Sunset rolled her eyes. "I'll sleep in my motor-home. I can park it to the side of here. It'll mean I don't have to unload."

"Does your motor-home have an extra bathroom, by chance?" Rainbow called from the bathroom between the two bedrooms. "Rarity has already taken over the sink counter."

"Guh!" Rarity protested. She laid down more bottles of shampoo and moisturizers. "As if!! There's still some space in that corner."

"I think the spider already claimed that corner," Pinkie Pie giggled.

"Ew! Squash it!" Applejack walked into the bathroom, pulling off a boot.

Fluttershy blocked Applejack. "No! Don't hurt it! I'll just ask it to move..."

"Your Harmonious Crystal lets you talk to spiders too?" Applejack sighed.

Fluttershy nodded sternly. "Mhmm. Of course, I can speak to all creatures of our Earth."

Sunset Shimmer smiled. She felt comforted by the familiar banter of her dearest friends, away from the strange behavior of Fidget and Blue Belle, her new "sisters." Sunset Shimmer took her small orientation back-pack down the stairs, prepared to walk back to he motor-home and pull it beside the Mu Lamba Pi house.

"What's a Harmonious Crystal?" Blue Belle squeaked. Sunset Shimmer crashed into her right outside the hallway door.

"Owch!" Sunset Shimmer gasped. Blue Belle was... tougher than she looked. Literally.

"Oh!" The blue girl replied a little late. "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were headed out, Sunset Shimmer."

"There's only six beds," Sunset replied. "It's fine though, I'll sleep in my motor-home. It's not far from here. I can park in on the side right?"

"Of course!" Blue Belle beamed. "That would be wonderful! It'll be like our house got even bigger!"

"Great," Sunset tried to maneuver around her.

"But what is a Harmonious Crystal?" Blue Belle repeated.

"We found them at camp a few years ago," said Rarity. "When we're together, they let us do spectacular things! Magical things!"

"Magical things?" Blue Belle ogled the necklace Rarity held in her palms. She looked around. "You all have one?"

"Yes," Sunset Shimmer still struggled to get by Blue Belle. She stopped trying as an idea came to her. "Here, see?" She held up her crystal to Blue Belle. "I can see the memories of the people I touch."

"Oooh!" Blue Belle's eyes sparkled. She touched Sunset's crystalline necklace and jumped back. There was a sparking noise, like static electricity. "Oh! Hahaha! How wonderful!"

"Can I try?" Sunset Shimmer smiled. Her friends recognized a certain kind of false quality to Sunset's cheery voice. She was up to something.

Blue Belle clapped her hands. "Oh, please do!" She held out her arm for Sunset to touch.

"Sunset..." Twilight Sparkle said softly in a disapproving tone.

Sunset Shimmer ignored her. She gently clasped her hands around Blue Belle's arm and closed her own eyes, trying to concentrate.

"Well?" Blue Belle asked giddily. "What did you see?"

Sunset squeezed Blue Bell's firm arm tighter.

Blue Belle repeated, "Wh-what did you see?" She seemed a little unnerved.

"...Nothing," said Sunset finally. She let go and looked desperately at her anxious friends. "I didn't see anything at all."