Mu Lamba Pi (Pt. 1)

Word-Count:1,139 Content Warnings: N/A Written: January 19, 2020 Last Edit: N/A

"Wow," said Sunset Shimmer. She squinted at the large pamphlet they all had been handed after the opening presentation at Hoof State. "There sure is a lot to take in at orientation. Classes, schedules, curriculum, books, housing..."

"Have you put in any thought where you want to live during college, Sunset?" Rarity asked.

Sunset Shimmer scrunched her face. "Not really. I guess I just assumed I would stay in my RV like always. Hoof State isn't very far from the park." She shrugged.

"Yeah...Isn't it kind of weird that you live in a motor-home alone at nineteen?" Rainbow Dash added from the back of the group.

"It beats sleeping in the library like I did when I first came to this world." Sunset replied. "It's not exactly like I have parents here."

"I've wondered about that," Fluttershy began in a mumble. "If there's a pony version of all of us in Equestria.... would there be a-"

"Well, I want to live in one of the sorority houses with all my friends!" Pinkie Pie squealed. She pulled in Applejack and Rarity close to her with both arms.

"That is exactly what I was thinking, darling!" Rarity beamed to Pinkie Pie. "I can't think of any other way I'd want to spend college than in a sorority with all my best friends!"

"That would be pretty great," said Applejack with a chuckle and grin. "I just wonder if there is a sorority house with enough space for the seven of us."

"Um," Sunset Shimmer shifted awkwardly. "What is a sorority?"

Twilight Sparkle pointed to a specific page in the guide-book. "They're on page thirty-seven. It's a kind of sisterhood society you join in college, to make friends and do community outreach with." She explained. "They often have their own shared houses, and do friendly competitions with other sororities."

"They didn't have sororities in Equestria?" Rainbow Dash seemed shocked. "It seemed like that place was all about friendship and unity."

"They didn't even have college," said Sunset Shimmer. "Grade school ended earlier, and then you got a cutie-mark and began an apprenticeship of sorts with your special destiny."

"Golly," said Fluttershy. "It must be nice to know what your destiny is so clearly."

"It wasn't always so easy," said Sunset Shimmer. "Even with it glowing on your flank..." She trailed off, but shook her head to get that train of thought out of her head. "-But, this sorority thing sounds really nice!"

"It is!" said Applejack. "It's like a whole new family!"

"Let's do it, then! We're a big family already. How do you join, though?" Sunset asks.

"You express your interest with the sorority, and they decide if you're a good fit after some tests of imitation," said Rarity.

"Any sorority would want us!" Rainbow Dash beams. "We're the best! They'll be beating down our doors!"

Fluttershy took a step back. "I think we're about to find out." She pointed at the row of tables and tents set up across the field in-front of them, outside the Hoof State auditorium.

"Pledge Delta Omega Epsilon!" One girl from the table cried. She stood up from her folding chair and waved at the approaching group of friends.

"No," another girl said, "You look like Beta Taura girls to me!"

"These must be the sororities, yes?" Sunset Shimmer whispered. "Rainbow was right!" Her heart felt giddy with the idea of being so quickly accepted.

"What about that table though?" Twilight Sparkle asked, squinting her eyes and holding her hand to block the sun. "There are supposed to be three sororities at Hoof State." She took another look at the guide-book.

Sure enough, there were three tables. The final table was considerably less brightly decorated, located in the shadow of the auditorium stairs. A petite, green girl sat there, tapping her fingers on the table and fiddling with something in her other hand. She made no effort to look or call at the passing freshmen who were walking across the campus.

"Her sign says.... Mu Lamba Pi?" Pinkie Pie tilted her heads.

"You don't want to join Mu Lamba Pi," said the Beta Taura girl with a hiss.

Another girl at the Beta Taura table added, "Yeah. They're, well...." She trailed off.

"Well, what?" Sunset Shimmer asked sharply. She didn't like the tone they took about the lonely green girl.

"They're only two members right now... because their house is, well, haunted!"

"Haunted?" Rarity echoed. "You don't think..."

Twilight groaned and put her hands against her face. "We really can't escape."

"It won't matter though, when you join Beta Taura!" The cheery girls at the table sang in unison.

Fluttershy quickly raised her hand. "I vote for the sorority that isn't haunted." She stepped closer to the table. "What kind of things do we need to do to join Beta Taura..?"

"Well," the representative grinned with a toothy, evil grin. "It's just a few things..."


"I can't believe we failed every challenge," said Twilight Sparkle. Her head hung low in shame.

"What are you talking about? I totally won that race." Rainbow Dash insisted.

"You sure did, Rainbow," said Applejack dryly. "The field is on fire."

"Everything was on fire..." Fluttershy hugged her shoulders.

Pinkie Pie hobbled over to the group. She was falling behind, hopping on a cast leg. "My everything hurts!"

"Pinkie, did you break your leg?" Sunset Shimmer said was surprise. "When did that happen?"

"Oh, somewhere between the chickens escaping and all our sorority house dreams falling apart." Pinkie sighed. She tugged on her hair in frustration.

"I don't think any sorority will want us now," Rarity began to tear up.

"Well," Sunset Shimmer said. "There was one more sorority we didn't try out for."

"You mean-" Fluttershy gasped. "Mu Lamba Pi? Aren't they... haunted though?"

"We've dealt with worse than ghosts before." Sunset pointed out. "And we don't even know if that's true."

"Even if it's false," Twilight Sparkle sighed, "Why would Mu Lamba Pi want us? We're the biggest fools on campus!"

"No you're not!" A ringing, high-pitched voice came from behind them. The girls all turned around. A silver girl, with a light blue bell tied up in her hair, stood behind them. "Mu Lamba Pi would be so lucky to have you as members!"

"Who are you?" Sunset Shimmer asked.

"And where did you even come from?" Rainbow Dash called.

"I'm Blue Belle," she said. "I'm part of Mu Lamba Pi. This is my dear sorority sister, Fidget." The smaller green girl stepped out from behind Blue Bell, waving but steadily staring at the grass beneath her feet. "We want to ask you to join us at our house!" Blue Bell squeaked.

Applejack raised an eyebrow. "Really? Us? Just like that, no challenges?"

"No, of course not!" Blue Bell said.

"You're already perfect." Fidget added softly.