Canter-Con (Part 4)

Word-Count:795 Content Warnings: ??? Written: December 22, 2019 Last Edit: N/A

"B-b-but!" Twilight scrambled. "The fighting has stopped!" She waved her hands. "Why is the ice is still spreading!"

"It's not just the fighting," said Sunset Shimmer. "It's the negative feelings. You and Rainbow Dash... you need to let go of the Twinkle Fairy fight."

Rainbow Dash grunted as the ice climbed taller over her. "Wait, there's no way my feelings about the Twinkle Fairies could cause all this! I don't... I don't care that much!"

"You sure acted like you cared!" shouted Applejack. Applejack was clinging to Rarity and Pinkie Pie, huddling together for warmth. "You were so busy being upset you didn't notice how much you were hurting Twilight!"

Rainbow Dash blinked. "I thought it was just a silly fight, we were all just messing around..." She looked at Twilight, who avoided Rainbow's gaze. "Twilight, do you really care about the Twinkle Fairies this much?"

"No! Of course not!" Twilight said, tugging on her hair.

"Then why is everything frozen?" Rainbow Dash asked. Nobody replied. Sunset Shimmer, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie were all frozen in ice. There was no noise, except a light sniffling from Twilight Sparkle.

"Twilight, please, what's wrong? What's happening?" Rainbow Dash struggled, but couldn't move her arm enough to touch Twilight.

"I don't know!" Twilight shouted so loud her voice cracked. "I don't know!"

Rainbow Dash struggled for words. She wasn't the best person for insightful talk, but she still had a clue there was something deeper going on with her best friend. "Twilight... is this even about the Twinkle Fairies?"

"Hopsy was the most powerful hippo there was! There is no reason she should need help from Twinkle Fairies! She was powerful by herself, she could do this!" Twilight muttered.

"What?" Rainbow Dash rasped.

"The Twinkle Fairies ruined Happy Hippos! It doesn't make sense that Hopsy couldn't defeat the final evil without their help! You said it yourself, they just swoop in and do everything for her... she should stand on her own! She shouldn't have to be with the Twinkle Fairies always, she didn't need them before!" Twilight Sparkle wheezed, breathing rapidly. "I didn't always need you all... I was the smartest girl in school..."

Rainbow Dash tucked her chin into her knees, shivering. "You still are the smartest girl in school, though."

"Then why couldn't I apply to Celestial University?" Twilight choked. "I had my paper all ready and I just... couldn't submit it. I didn't want to go. I didn't want to be alone again. I don't think I can do it, not without my friends. I'm scared."

"You didn't even apply? Twilight- I thought you wanted to.." Rainbow Dash drifted off without finishing her sentence. "You don't have to be alone, you don't have to solve everything by yourself. We're a team! Your friends are here for you, Twilight, whenever you need them to be. But... we can't do anything if we don't know."

"I just... thought you all expected me to go to Celestial University. I didn't know how to say I didn't feel like I could do it." Twilight replied.

"We thoughts that what you wanted, and we wanted for you to be happy. Twilight, good grief, if you don't want to go to Celestial University... don't! We can go to Hoof State, together!" Rainbow Dash tried to smile through the icy film over her skin.

"You wouldn't think I was wasting my skill...?" said Twilight.

"Are you kidding?" Rainbow Dash laughed. "Twilight, everybody would be thrilled to have you at Hoof State with us! We're best-friends forever, remember?"

"...right. I'm sorry I didn't say something sooner." Twilight crawled over to Rainbow Dash, holding her frozen hand. "Best friends forever." Twilight repeated.

Twilight Sparkle's eyes began to shine bright, and then Rainbow Dash's, and then all the seven friends. The ice shattered from the rainbow lights and the girls began to float above the crowd. They grew longer hair, and fluffy ears, some even manifested wings and horns.

The ice, frost, and snow was blasted away. The other con-goers began to rise to their feet, shaky and groggy.

"And another thing about Happy Hippos!" Quibble Pants continued.

"Who cares about Happy Hippos?" Technicolor Pop shouted. "Look at them!" She pointed at the seven, ponified friends who hovered above them all.

"I don't know who they're cosplaying," somebody said. "But it's the best cosplay I've ever seen!!" The room lit up with photograph flashes. They all smiled and posed.

"I'm so, so excited!" said Twilight Sparkle to her friends.

"About what?" said Rainbow Dash with a sly smile.

"We're ALL going to Hoof State!" Twilight announced triumphantly. The girls held hands and laughed, glowing bright and warm.

"Don't forget!" Pinkie Pie beamed. "There are still two days left of Canter-Con, too!"