SS: weriweroweriuiowsfosidoi
SS: !!
AW: You bet your ass, weriwero!!
AW: I've put the spellware into the Dropcasket.
AW: Why don't you start downloading it? The ladies will be online by the time you can get it running.
SS: Is that all it will take to end the world? Downloading?
AW: Of course not.
AW: It's a complicated ritual process that involves testing us as capable rulers of a new paradise.
AW: It will require teamwork, bravery, strength, and cleverness to fulfill.
AW: We might only get one shot at this, so bring your A-Game, Birthday Boy.
SS: I will try my best.
AW: I know you will! :)
AW: Now, start the download so we can get the actual ritual process activated once everybody logs on.
SS: You're in a hurry.
SS: If we only get one chance to prove ourselves as worthy creators and make a wonderful and monstrous world of peace...
SS: Shouldn't we at least try to prepare ourselves, so we can do it right?
AW: I mean, I guess!
AW: Do you have ideas of how you want to prepare? There wasn't a tutorial mode.
SS: Um, what's a tutorial mode?
AW: The stage in a video game that teaches you how to play. Older games don't tend to have them.
AW: You learn through quarter-sucking trial-and-error.
SS: Is this a video game or a cataclysmic ritual?
AW: It's both.
AW: In fact, that was the big break-through with deciphering the ancient spellware I found: realizing that it comes from a video game engine.
AW: Once I was able to crack that code, the gaps were extremely easy to fill in.
SS: Do you think you could make a tutorial mode?
AW: Probably, but it'd take more time since I'd be starting from scratch...
AW: I'll be frank with you, my dear, dear friend.
AW: If another snot-nosed brat child puts my home in their nasty mouth I am absolutely going to loose my motherfuckin' mind.
AW: I'm ready to get this end-times party-train going NOW.
AW: Besides, I have faith in you, Reese. You've got tons of life experience. You act all squishy soft but I know you're more rugged, fierce, and capable than that sweet persona lets on. You can beat a ritual-video-game, and you don't have to do it alone.
AW: So, I'm going to need you to stop having cold-feet.
SS: I appreciate the vow of confidence and friendship.
AW: Good. You know it's not easy for me to be all "feelings talk" like that, right?
SS: I just had other plans today.
AW: Seriously?!
AW: What time-sensitive plans do you have on a damn boat in the middle of the bum-fuck ocean?
SS: Hold on a minute.
SS: I'll "B.R.B"
AW: Reese Barlow, stop stalling for time and answer me!!
AW: What's wrong with you? What are you hiding?
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