Well, okay... maybe you "forgot" to mention in your opening monologue that your group of online monster friends have been getting more... involved in their anti-human doctrine lately.

They've been working on some plan to build a monster utopia planet for a while now, which seemed like a fun idea except for the part where it involved killing all humans. Which, okay, maybe you knew about that detail of the plan all along, but you couldn't tell your monster friends you had been pretending to be human for years, and met some really nice humans, and maybe we shouldn't slaughter all of them indiscriminately.

You wanted to tell them, but you also didn't want them to be upset at you... so you just kind-of ignored it, and passively pushed that can down the road. All-in-all, the secret double-life plan was working out pretty well- until this exact moment where you realize it was never going to work, dumb-ass!!

What Should You Say to AW...?

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