You've never been to a real birthday party, or a virtually real birthday party, either!!

Your human friends are so kind and thoughtful. You feel truly blessed to know them and can't wait to tell them all of this at the party you'll have together!!

Oh- why look- another friend is messaging you!

autonomousWishgranter (AW) started a new MonsterMessage with starlitSailboat (SS)
AW: Great, you're online.
AW: I've got a wonderful surprise for you!
SS: Oh, you got me a gift for my birthday? You shouldn't have!
AW: Wait.
AW: It's your birthday? Really?
SS: Oh.
AW: Is a vampire's birthday the day they become a vampire or is that more of an unbornday?
SS: It's called a re-birthday, but I guess that's not really the point here.
SS: What's the surprise? :-O
AW: We're going to come back to this "birthday" thing, because I can tell you're trying to avoid it now.
AW: However, you've hit me in a rare mood where I feel more excited about something other than hassling you.
AW: I hit a big break-through yesterday, and I got the spellware completed ahead of schedule!
SS: The spellware for what?
AW: I fuckin' swear, Reese, you'd forget your own name if somebody didn't tell you it.
AW: The spellware for the end-times, DUH!!
AW: Thanks to me, we're going to finally be able to wipe out the entire human race and this miserable planet and create a fresh new monster paradise- today!!
AW: Aww yeah~!!




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