SS: Oh-ho! You remembered!
SS: Thank you!
AP: of course reeses peanut butter cups!
AP: always gotta make my friends feel big time special its how i roll
SS: :-)
AP: now
AP: tell me the epic plans you've got in the works for your big 19th?
SS: I might let myself skip scrubbing duty today.
SS: Although, it maybe more of a gift to scrub today so I don't have to execute extra scrubbing tomorrow.
AP: so basically you had nothing special planned
SS: I suppose not.
AP: we all knew you wouldnt lol
AP: so we planned something for you!!
SS: You did?
AP: we did
AP: though yeah it was mostly me but id never admit it yknow
AP: humble fellow i am wiiink
SS: Who exactly is involved in this "we"?
AP: the rest of the froggy-pods forums crew, who else
AP: unless your telling me you have more friends you havnt introduced us to
SS: i have millions of friends!
AP: lol right
AP: i bet the stars aren't going to throw you a virtual reality party like we are though!
SS: Oh, that sounds delightful.
AP: oh it will be the MAXIMUM levels of delightful and FACEMELTINGLY pleasant
AP: spent all month working on getting it compatible with your fossilized computater.
AP: but the others arent online yet so itll be a while i guess
AP: why dont you go ahead and execute your daily scrubbing




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